The project’s purpose

The aim of the project is to preserve nature and to enhance the quality of life in the Drava River basin for endangered animal and plant species as well as humans.

The sustainable river and its riparian zone provide several benefits, the so-called ecosystem services, for man: cleaning and securing (drinking) water, providing for the transport of minerals essential for the formation of fertile soil, retaining high and flood waters, supplying groundwater and restraining droughts. Riparian forests purify and humidify the air as well as produce oxygen and have a beneficial impact on the local climate. With its riparian zone, the river is also a source of food and natural materials and, above all, enables recreation and relaxation in the natural environment and thus serves as a basis for tourism development in the river’s riparian areas.

The project will improve the condition of the Drava riparian and river ecosystem and concurrently increase the array and quality of ecosystem services provided by this area to its residents and visitors. It endeavours to improve the condition of habitats – the natural environments of indicator plant and animal species that are currently in an unfavourable position.