Project area

The project area covers the Drava riparian and river area between Maribor (Limbuško nabrežje) and the state border at Središče ob Dravi. The Drava River area is part of the European ecological network Natura 2000.

Natura 2000 is the European network of special-purpose protected areas designated by EU Member States. Special-purpose protected areas are earmarked for the conservation of animal and plant species and habitats that are rare or endangered at the European level due to human activities. It is one of the largest networks of protected areas in the world. In all 27 Member States of the European Union, the Natura 2000 network covers more than 18% of the EU’s land area and almost 6% of its marine territory. It represents a social commitment to and how we will protect nature.

More about Natura 2000 can be found on the website I live with Natura 2000 -