Interpretation of direct project activities, the species discussed and biodiversity of the Natura 2000 Drava area will be presented along the Drava River and the Drava Cycling Route, where the interpretation contents will not be repeated, but complemented. After visiting all the interpretation points, the visitors will get acquainted with the project activities, the species under consideration, the river and riparian ecosystem of the Drava and the system’s changes that have taken place through history. The interpretation will stimulate the visitors to change their conduct and presence in this world in such a way that their impact on nature and the environment will be minor and less harmful at the same time.

The interpretation will be carried out through different interpretation units: we will set up interpretation points, interpretation zones with innovative information and interpretation boards, educative trails with viewpoints and viewing platforms, rest area and information centres.

Interpretation zones, educative trails and information centres will be furnished with materials for self-guiding purposes, which will be available in both printed and digital forms. Visits to the interpretation units will be free of charge to the visitors.